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I was once a shadow. I only existed when the light hit a solid. One day, I learned about high-contrast and its leveling quality to turn everything into shapes. Solids and shadows turn into a two-tone abstract composition, that if it is meticulously positioned within a frame, it becomes a work of art. Contemplative moments can be divided into magic ones or simple ones. In what category a moment is placed depends on the creativity and the ability for wonder of the beholder. Magic is out there every day, you just have to find it and enjoy it instead of trying to logically explain it. Why focus on the final product if it highly depends on the process? Obsessing on the process prevents one from wasting time wondering compulsively if the work of art is good. If the process goes well, the outcome is good. On the other hand, success cannot solely depend on the complexity of its creation. Chance is a useful element in the creation process. Chance can go from being an artist’s tool to being a beautiful and powerful element when it is led by the intense planning of a detail-oriented artist. The best way to welcome chance is to methodically lay a path for it. A mess is a waste of time.

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